There Are Various Ways To Update Fireplace Surrounds - Most homeowners do not give due consideration to updating fireplace surrounds, even though they look at it every day. However, with the right changeover of this unit, the look of the room can be changed for better. The fireplace surrounds may be in need of a simple painting job or a complete overhaul.

Fireplace Surround

Homeowners can choose to update an existing fireplace surrounds or build a new one. In both cases, the homeowners have to ensure that the design and style of the unit matches to that of the home and the room. Earlier, traditional brick fireplace surrounds were the only choice available, but now different types of materials, such as concrete, metal and stone are used. Those looking for a traditional look should use stone or brick, while homeowners looking for contemporary style should choose concrete or stainless steel.

Fireplace Surround

Fireplaces without mantels are present in some homes. This works as a good addition to the fireplace surrounds. There are simple as well as decorative mantels. An updated, decorated mantel can enhance the beauty of any fireplace surrounds.

There are antique fireplace surrounds in some older homes. These units can be updated easily without losing the integrity. Antique stores are a good place to find antique fireplace surrounds. Those who already have such a fireplace surrounds should preserve them properly. Some of the surrounds have old tiles still intact. These tiles can be updated with simple grouting, or the tiles can be taken out and used in a more modern style. Wood surrounds can be made to look new once again with the application of the fresh finish. This will also help maintain the fine antique details.

Fireplace Surround

Fireplace surrounds change the look of the room in a beautiful way. Antique fireplace surrounds are work of art that should be maintained properly. There are DIY units that can be assembled without any professional assistance. Some fireplace surrounds can also be customized according to specific requirements.

Which Tankless Water Heater is Right For Your Home

Which Tankless Hot Water Heater isRight For Your Home? We all need water heaters for our homes to give us warm baths and hot water for cooking and dish and laundry cleaning. There are more choices in water heaters than ever before, so it takes a little more research to choose the correct one for our homes. One of the newer types of water heaters available in today's market are tankless water heater

water heaters

They are the most modern water heaters available and they can provide instant, on demand hot water at any point of use. They can literally provide a family with an endless supply of hot water. The traditional water heaters is a big round, tall tank that heats water and stores it for later use. You set controls so the water is heated periodically to be ready when you want it.

Traditional water heaters can be electric or gas powered and come in various sizes. We determine our peak water usage and purchase a water heaters rated to meet that need. We have one water heaters in the house with plumbing pipes going to the areas of the house where we need hot water like the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room. The water heaters heats hot water whether we need it just then ,or not, and then stores it and keeps it hot just in case we will need it. When we turn on the hot water faucet, we wait for the hot water to come from the distant hot water heaters. In the process a lot of cool water in the pipes is wasted while we wait for the hot water to displace it.

water heaters

The new tankless water heater are designed to be more energy efficient by heating water only when and where we need it. They do not have storage tanks and so take up much less space. You purchase a tankless water heater for each area you need hot water. When you turn on the faucet, the heater starts heating your water on demand. The heaters are installed in the cabinet below the sink or near the washing machine in the laundry room. They heat the water faster than the traditional water heaters. You save water and electricity and don't wait as long for hot water.

water heaters

The down side of tankless water heater is that you need to buy more of them and they are more expensive than traditional water heaters. They save space because they are smaller, so they are nice in small homes. The debate going on is whether they pay for themselves over a few years with the energy savings and efficiency of everyday use. The savings is more when you install them at the time a new home is built, rather than retrofitting them in an older home.

Some of the most popular brands of tankless gas hot water heaters include Rheem, Rinnai, Bosch and they come in electric versions or gas versions. 

Stain Removal Can Be Extremely Difficult

Most contemporary carpets wear a sturdy protective overspray such as 3M’s Scotchgard™ or Dupont’s Teflon® making stain removal a breeze. Some store-bought chemicals, if applied immediately to a spill, can also stave off permanent damage. These are the lucky situations. What happens when we are faced with a stain that can only be fixed by a professional hand? The good news is that we can learn which stain pose the strongest resistance to change and do our best to keep them from calling home to our carpet.


Old carpets are the most prone to difficult stain. Natural wear and tear breaks down the carpet’s protective coating exposing it to otherwise easy-to-clean stain. In homes or businesses that receive a lot of traffic or have pets, replacing old carpet is a first step in combating the practice of regular stain removal. Still, even brand new carpets, dressed in a fresh coat of armor, are susceptible to difficult stain.

Some accidents can dissolve even a brand new carpet’s protective overspray. Hot beverages will eat away at the protective coating. The same holds true for the urine mishaps your beloved pet may leave on your carpet. The newly exposed carpet fibers become immediately vulnerable to discoloration, making stain removal a challenge.

Other spills will actually dye carpet fibers. Many people like to serve red wine at a dinner party. It is the dreaded unexpected bump on the shoulder, sending a splash onto the carpet, we can only hope doesn’t happen. Red wine isn’t the only culprit. It is the hot dogs the kids want to drench in mustard, just waiting to drip on the floor. And it is also the Kool-Aid™ they want to wash them down with as they run through the house. The color component present in red wine, mustard and Kool-Aid™ attack carpet fibers and alter their color. Stain removal products displayed on store shelves may not always bring the carpet back to it pre-stain condition.

Products containing bleach or peroxide can cause your carpet to lose color. Dabbing peroxide on a scraped knee in the living room can lead to white spots on the carpet. While it may seem like an untreatable situation, professional carpet care cleaners employ stain removal techniques that can restore the area.


Removing a permanent stain is the most difficult without hiring a professional. You may be able to avoid replacing the entire carpet by spot fixing the area. The stain is cut out and a new piece of carpet is added. With the appropriate tools and technique the new slice of carpet can fit in seamlessly.

Whether is a hot liquid stain or a permanent bleach stain, there good news is that there are solutions.

Shade Sails – Providing More than Just Protection

Shade Sail

They’re often seen outdoors in open-air venues like resorts, courtyards, playgrounds, pools, tennis courts, and more. Yes, they look like sails but not of ships. They’re called shade sails.

A shade sails is a device used to provide shade and protection against the sun’s rays. It sure looks like the sail of a ship, thus the name. It may be for permanent or occasional use. It’s usually seen in sunny and tropical areas like Australia. However, other countries are now becoming aware of its benefits and affordability.

Shade Sail

Early to Modern Use
It was the Ancient Egyptians who first used big sheets or fabrics to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful rains. Soon, the Greeks and the Romans came next. The Colosseum in Rome used these big sails for shading that were installed by the sailors.

The modern version of shade sails came into use when shade cloth was invented. Shade sails made of shade cloth were first used in the ‘90s by countries like Australia and South Africa.

Shade Sail

Of course it is quite understandable that when the earlier type of shade sails surfaced, the fabric didn’t have that much protection against UV degradation. Today, though, UV inhibitors are already infused in the manufacturing process. Manufacturers now also include UV degradation warranties.

Shade sails also provide protection against rain. A sail angled at 20 degrees can effectively shield against rain without it holding or collecting rainwater.

Shade Sail

Installation will depend on how many sails will be used. Today’s trend includes installation of shade sails creating an overlapping effect. So aside from doing its purpose, the overlapping effect adds style and design, making outdoor facilities more visually appealing. Businesses use them to draw attention from customers.

Shade Sail

For homeowners, installing restricted structures like closed patios, awnings, or umbrellas, are a thing of the past. Now, outdoor gatherings, parties, and picnics are held without having to limit the light, air, or the space in a venue. With shade sails, protection from the sun and rain is now more convenient, more versatile, more stylish, much easier, and more affordable.

What To Consider Before Buying Bathroom Light Fixtures - If you’re planning on upgrading your bathroom, or building a new one from scratch, one of the most important choices you have to make is on the type of bathroom light fixtures you are going to install. More than perhaps in any other room, the choice you make will have a significant effect on whether your overall design ends up as a success or as a failure.

Light Fixtures

Bathrooms are often the most functional room in the house, and as such it’s important that the lighting is up to the tasks that we use the room for. What we want from our bathroom lighting, however, differs greatly throughout the day. In the morning, we might need a bright natural light to wake us up and help us to get ready for a busy day at work; in the evening we might prefer a more subdued light while we unwind with a soak in the tub. Our light fixtures have to be able to cope with all situations.

Light Fixtures

Many people chose to fit a single light in the center of the room, and make do with just that. The trouble is, though, that you can often only vary the intensity of the light by changing the bulb. Also, if you’re standing at a mirror, you’ll find that you’re standing in your own light and creating a shadow. There are a huge range of bathroom light fixtures that can help overcome this issue – from having lights built into the mirror; to having wall lights fixed either side. If you ensure that the lights are powered from a separate switch from the main light, you have a great way of varying the mood of the room depending on which lights you turn on.

Bathroom Light

A popular choice these days are led illuminated bathroom mirrors. As the name suggests, this type of mirror is illuminated by a number of tiny led lights embedded into it. As the lights are so small, and there are usually a large number of them, the effect can be stunning – think backstage at Broadway, and you’re the star of the show!

Bathroom Light

So, chose the right bathroom light fixtures and you can transform any bathroom from clinical functional space into a high-end luxury spa. Give your ‘smallest room’ the biggest wow factor.

Residential Geothermal Energy - Geothermal energy can efficiently be used in a house for either heating or cooling a room or an entire building. What are the benefits of using a technology like this, and what are the potential disadvantages?

Residential Geothermal Energy

The first reason, and for many the most important by far, is that by using geothermal energy for heating, there’s potentially a lot of money to save. Installing geothermal energy for your house might seem expensive at first glance, but if you look at it like a long-term investment, it might change your mind.

Residential Geothermal Energy

The Environment
At times like these, where the globe is facing a major climate crisis in terms of all the human pollution, geothermal energy is very positive. Geothermal energy is in it’s essence pure green energy, and there is no dangerous emissions of using such a system whatsoever.

Safety First
Geothermal energy is considered one of the safest ways to heat your house. If you compare it to technologies such as electrical heating and heating by natural gas, there is nothing to be afraid of. The pipes used in installing a geothermal energy system are underground.

Geothermal Energy

Companies that install geothermal energy systems usually give you a ten-year warrant. It is not unusual that these systems last many decades if maintenance is taken care of properly.

Consistent Energy
Geothermal energy is often considered at one of the most consistent and stable energy sources. This is due to the fact that the underground heat will not fluctuate easily. It is isolated from outer weather conditions. This is not the case for wind energy, read the wind energy pros and cons list to find out more.

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There are many other things to add on this geothermal energy pros and cons list, but these are by far the most important ones. If you think the investment of geothermal energy for a residential building is expensive, you should consider the long-term benefits carefully both economically and environmentally.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Walk in Shower

bloghomedecorators.comIf you have ever tried any of those walk in shower in the spa, chances are you know why you should get a walk-in shower. It is an incredible means of relaxation. At the same time, it is the perfect way to begin and end your day.

walk in showers

Walk in shower tend to be more spacious than traditional shower units. You can use the space to properly clean your body whilst also moving around freely inside it. At the same time, they are enclosed that is why the water is kept warm just the way you want it to be.

Most of these types of showers come with outfitted shelves and seats. In other words, it comes with various accessories that will help you fully enjoy your showering experience. So you may think it is pretty luxurious and a bit over extravagant. The truth is, there is more to it than mere luxury.

walk in shower

For one, these types of walk in shower units are spacious enough for many functions. They has enough room to perform different tasks and store items. Some also have shower panels that sprinkle water from all sides or send out powerful jets of water. This helps soothe aching muscles and provide a more thorough and relaxing experience. It is a great way to de-stress at the end of a busy day.

In other words, it is not only for luxury since it has some health benefits as well. It eases up aching muscles and help the body’s blood circulation. You can also dry off completely inside the shower. This way you do not have to step out of the shower dripping wet.

walk in showers

A walk in unit also allows you to choose between sitting and standing. Some people who do not have the capacity to stay standing while in a traditional unit can benefit from the wide space offered by a walk in shower. At the same time, sitting also helps prevent accidents inside the bathroom. A seat is a practical and comfortable addition that is worthwhile considering.

Since there is enough space to work in, these types of showers are best for kids and pets to get clean in. One of the main advantages is that you can clean your children or pets and dry them off in the same area preventing you from getting water everywhere.