Shade Sails – Providing More than Just Protection

Shade Sail

They’re often seen outdoors in open-air venues like resorts, courtyards, playgrounds, pools, tennis courts, and more. Yes, they look like sails but not of ships. They’re called shade sails.

A shade sails is a device used to provide shade and protection against the sun’s rays. It sure looks like the sail of a ship, thus the name. It may be for permanent or occasional use. It’s usually seen in sunny and tropical areas like Australia. However, other countries are now becoming aware of its benefits and affordability.

Shade Sail

Early to Modern Use
It was the Ancient Egyptians who first used big sheets or fabrics to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful rains. Soon, the Greeks and the Romans came next. The Colosseum in Rome used these big sails for shading that were installed by the sailors.

The modern version of shade sails came into use when shade cloth was invented. Shade sails made of shade cloth were first used in the ‘90s by countries like Australia and South Africa.

Shade Sail

Of course it is quite understandable that when the earlier type of shade sails surfaced, the fabric didn’t have that much protection against UV degradation. Today, though, UV inhibitors are already infused in the manufacturing process. Manufacturers now also include UV degradation warranties.

Shade sails also provide protection against rain. A sail angled at 20 degrees can effectively shield against rain without it holding or collecting rainwater.

Shade Sail

Installation will depend on how many sails will be used. Today’s trend includes installation of shade sails creating an overlapping effect. So aside from doing its purpose, the overlapping effect adds style and design, making outdoor facilities more visually appealing. Businesses use them to draw attention from customers.

Shade Sail

For homeowners, installing restricted structures like closed patios, awnings, or umbrellas, are a thing of the past. Now, outdoor gatherings, parties, and picnics are held without having to limit the light, air, or the space in a venue. With shade sails, protection from the sun and rain is now more convenient, more versatile, more stylish, much easier, and more affordable.

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