Stain Removal Can Be Extremely Difficult

Most contemporary carpets wear a sturdy protective overspray such as 3M’s Scotchgard™ or Dupont’s Teflon® making stain removal a breeze. Some store-bought chemicals, if applied immediately to a spill, can also stave off permanent damage. These are the lucky situations. What happens when we are faced with a stain that can only be fixed by a professional hand? The good news is that we can learn which stain pose the strongest resistance to change and do our best to keep them from calling home to our carpet.


Old carpets are the most prone to difficult stain. Natural wear and tear breaks down the carpet’s protective coating exposing it to otherwise easy-to-clean stain. In homes or businesses that receive a lot of traffic or have pets, replacing old carpet is a first step in combating the practice of regular stain removal. Still, even brand new carpets, dressed in a fresh coat of armor, are susceptible to difficult stain.

Some accidents can dissolve even a brand new carpet’s protective overspray. Hot beverages will eat away at the protective coating. The same holds true for the urine mishaps your beloved pet may leave on your carpet. The newly exposed carpet fibers become immediately vulnerable to discoloration, making stain removal a challenge.

Other spills will actually dye carpet fibers. Many people like to serve red wine at a dinner party. It is the dreaded unexpected bump on the shoulder, sending a splash onto the carpet, we can only hope doesn’t happen. Red wine isn’t the only culprit. It is the hot dogs the kids want to drench in mustard, just waiting to drip on the floor. And it is also the Kool-Aid™ they want to wash them down with as they run through the house. The color component present in red wine, mustard and Kool-Aid™ attack carpet fibers and alter their color. Stain removal products displayed on store shelves may not always bring the carpet back to it pre-stain condition.

Products containing bleach or peroxide can cause your carpet to lose color. Dabbing peroxide on a scraped knee in the living room can lead to white spots on the carpet. While it may seem like an untreatable situation, professional carpet care cleaners employ stain removal techniques that can restore the area.


Removing a permanent stain is the most difficult without hiring a professional. You may be able to avoid replacing the entire carpet by spot fixing the area. The stain is cut out and a new piece of carpet is added. With the appropriate tools and technique the new slice of carpet can fit in seamlessly.

Whether is a hot liquid stain or a permanent bleach stain, there good news is that there are solutions.

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