Which Tankless Water Heater is Right For Your Home

Which Tankless Hot Water Heater isRight For Your Home? We all need water heaters for our homes to give us warm baths and hot water for cooking and dish and laundry cleaning. There are more choices in water heaters than ever before, so it takes a little more research to choose the correct one for our homes. One of the newer types of water heaters available in today's market are tankless water heater

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They are the most modern water heaters available and they can provide instant, on demand hot water at any point of use. They can literally provide a family with an endless supply of hot water. The traditional water heaters is a big round, tall tank that heats water and stores it for later use. You set controls so the water is heated periodically to be ready when you want it.

Traditional water heaters can be electric or gas powered and come in various sizes. We determine our peak water usage and purchase a water heaters rated to meet that need. We have one water heaters in the house with plumbing pipes going to the areas of the house where we need hot water like the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room. The water heaters heats hot water whether we need it just then ,or not, and then stores it and keeps it hot just in case we will need it. When we turn on the hot water faucet, we wait for the hot water to come from the distant hot water heaters. In the process a lot of cool water in the pipes is wasted while we wait for the hot water to displace it.

The new tankless water heater are designed to be more energy efficient by heating water only when and where we need it. They do not have storage tanks and so take up much less space. You purchase a tankless water heater for each area you need hot water. When you turn on the faucet, the heater starts heating your water on demand. The heaters are installed in the cabinet below the sink or near the washing machine in the laundry room. They heat the water faster than the traditional water heaters. You save water and electricity and don't wait as long for hot water.

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The down side of tankless water heater is that you need to buy more of them and they are more expensive than traditional water heaters. They save space because they are smaller, so they are nice in small homes. The debate going on is whether they pay for themselves over a few years with the energy savings and efficiency of everyday use. The savings is more when you install them at the time a new home is built, rather than retrofitting them in an older home.

Some of the most popular brands of tankless gas hot water heaters include Rheem, Rinnai, Bosch and they come in electric versions or gas versions. 

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