Interior Design Style – Bright colors, clean lines and minimal clutter come to mind when you think about the interior design of the houses in Key West. The furniture in these houses in South Florida is not bulky or overwhelming, but simple and relaxed. Area designers strive to make the outer part interior design placing large windows and choosing vibrant colors that mimic the sand, sun and sea.

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The homes in Key West are known to have bright colors. Includes bright blue colors with hues of ocean, which mimic bright yellow sun and pinks, purples and greens to remember the colors of the flowers and grass. Paint the walls a neutral color like beige or white to mimic the colors of the sand. These colors bring the outside environment into the home.
Furniture for homes in interior design style Key West is all comfortable and easy to use. The furniture is rather rare heavy or bulky. The idea to decorate the homes of Key West is to create a space where friends and family feel comfortable. Include natural tissues for the relaxed atmosphere that prevails on the island. The fabrics that are easy to maintain help create a relaxed space. Place a comfortable chair, a sofa and chair in the living room and includes an ottoman in the center where guests can support your feet and can enjoy the comfort of the tropical atmosphere. Create a romantic bedroom space with natural wood furniture or wrought iron. Place a quilt and pillows with floral prints on the bed. Remember that tropical Key West style incorporates vibrant colors in every room, so do not forget to place a mat that accents the bright colors of the bedding.

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Liven up your space with a few pieces of art inspired by the island Key West and looking for pieces of art that are the colors of nature. For bedrooms and bathrooms you can find murals of tropical landscapes of flowers, the ocean or even marine life. For the living room, dining room or kitchen, you can find photos of flowers, lighthouses, shells or boats. Choose pieces that are special and meaningful to you and your family. Focus on creating a Key West style atmosphere including pieces of art.
interior design

The nautical decor is timeless and often is used in traditional interior design style of Key West. To achieve a nautical look, adds elements that remind you of the sea. For example, hang a rudder from an old ship on the wall of the living room, place a glass bowl on the table full of shells you’ve collected on the beach chair and you can even put some cushions on the couch with prints shells, fish or boats.

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